The MERLIN ID is your 8-digit EMPLID number (or student number)

(e.g. The UMKC EMPLID 12345678 becomes the MERLIN ID 12345678)

How to find your EMPLID

  • UM Faculty and Staff

    • Look at your pay stub.
    • Log in to myHR to find your ID on your paycheck stub.
      1. Click on Main menu
      2. Click on Self-Service
      3. Under Payroll and Compensation Header, click on "View Paycheck"
      4. Select a paycheck
      5. Under General, Employee ID appears on the left side of the screen
    • Ask in the administrative office of your department, school, or college. Staff can track down personnel information.
  • UM Students

    Campus Find your EMPLID
    Missouri S&T MST ID Number
    MU MU MyZou system
    • Select Self Service
    • Select Campus Personal Information
    • Select Demographic Information
    • Locate your MyZou ID (EMPLID)
    UMKC Summarized from the UMKC Student ID Number Lookup page:
    • The Student ID number (EMPLID) was emailed to you when you applied for admission to UMKC
    • If you no longer have that email, you may bring picture ID to:
    UMSL Summarized from the UMSL Explain ID nums page:
    • The Student ID Number (EMPLID) is located on your ID card

  • Courtesy & Proxy borrowers

    Please inquire at your campus library circulation desk.