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Authorized Users: 
"Authorized User" mean: (i) Subscriber; (ii) employees of Subscriber, if Subscriber is a corporation or other organization; provided however, that employees of an entity which is acquired by or merged with the Subscriber during the term of this Agreement will not be deemed Authorized Users for purposes of this Agreement; (iii) students, faculty, staff and walk-in users authorized by, and on premises of Subscriber, if Subscriber is an academic institution; and (iv) patrons of Subscriber, if Subscriber is a public library offerig access to the Products. The designated number of concurrent Authorized Users accessing the Product(s) at the Authorized Site(s) is set forth in Schedule(s) B and/orC. For purposes of this AGreement, any institutions, associations or organizations related or affiliated with Subscriber will not be deemed "Authorized Users" without Ovid's express consent. Authorized users also includes staff of the Phelps County Regional Medical Center, all students at the Mid-Missouri Area Health Education Center and their preceptors and Bothwell Hospital per pre-existing agreements between Ovid and the University of Missouri.
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InterLibrary Loan License: 
1.3.4. for interlibrary loan (ILL) purposes, print data obtained from searches and transmit the printed document through Subscriber's traditional ILL policies and procedures
Coursepacks License: 
Coursepacks/Electronic Reserves. Subscriber may include copies (hardcopy or downloaded) of items from the online form of Publications (i) in anthologies (coursepacks) in print or digital form for sale and/or distribution to the Authorized Users for their use in connection with classroom instruction and/or (ii) in reserves (print or digital) set up by Subscriber's libraries for access by Authorized Users in connection with specific courses offered by Subscriber. Copies of items in digital form that are included in online coursepacks or reserves will be deleted by Subscriber after the end of the semester in which the related course concludes.
Archiving of Journals License: 
Archival Rights. Solely for journals subscribed to during the term of this Agreement, Subscriber shall be entitled to the archive rights related to those journals. Such rights are subject to change without notification to Subscriber. The current archive policy can be found at: Ovid Archival Policy (see addendum A). Ovid's standard license agreement with journal publishers states that when an institution subscribes to a journal through Journals@Ovid, the institution then has the right to perpetual access to that journals. Therefore, the vast majority of the journals offered through Journals@Ovid provide perpetual archival rights. For a small number of journals, archival rights are not currently provided. NOTE: Upon termination of the license between Ovid and some publishers, archival rights are extended to three years post termination of the license. When Ovid is granted the right to provide archival access, Ovid's goal is to secure and provide perpetual access. In some cases, the terms of archival access are mandated by publishers and content owners (such as societies) with whom we partner. In these cases, journals may not be available for archival access or may have a limited archival access, such as access for 3 years post termination of a journal.
Allowed Use: 
"Permitted Use" means use of the Products(s) by Authorized Users only for internal or personal research or training therein. Authorized Users may; 1.3.1 view the content and data contained therein on terminals, 1.3.2. print data obtained from searches and make limited copies of such printed search results, 1.3.3. download data obtained from searches, 1.3.4. for interlibrary loan (ILL) purposes, print data obtained from searches and transmit the printed document through Subscriber's traditional ILL policies and procedures, and 1.3.5. for pay-per-view (PPV) deposit account journal article access. Subscriber may only retain one print copy of the accessed article. The retained printed copy is for single use only and may not be redistributed for any purpose other than its original use, or if needed as support documentation for a FDA filing or other such use. The original e-format may not be downloaded and/or saved to any tangible medium. Any request other than for the original use would be deemed a separate use occasion and Subscriber will need to access any additional copy or copies from the PPV-deposit website. 1.3.6. The use of the Products can be incorporated into course packs and e-reserves only through the use of Jumpstarts (persistent URL's). For purposes of this Agreement, "Jumpstarts" shall be defined as links from Subscriber's Web pages to virtually any point within an Ovid session. Jumpstarts streamlines user access to Ovid by automating routine processes like log-in, retrieval of a specific document, running a pre-specified search, and much more.
Prohibited Use: 
The Permitted Use expressly precluded (i) copying, duplication, redistribution, retransmission, publication, transfer or commercial or other exploitation of the Product(s), in whole or in part, where such acts are contrary to the Permitted User; (ii) preparation of derivative works or incorporation of the Products, in whole or in part, in any other work or system; (iii) reverse engineering, decompiling or modification of the Products, in whole or in part (iv) incorporating any part of the Licensed Material in printed Course or Study Packs for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction; and (v) uploading, downloading, copying or redistributing the content in their entirety or lengthy sequence.
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