MERLIN Statistics Have Moved to MERLIN Gateway

Statistics have moved from the MOBIUS website to a link on the MERLIN gateway. This link takes you to the LSO Development Site and asks you to log on. Statistics are accessible to the MCDRSC committee. The log on is required due to the cost analysis provided. If you feel there are other appropriate staff that need to see the information, please let the eResources staff know and we can add them to the authorized users.

We hope to present the statistics in a more useful way beginning with statistics for FY08. These stats should be available in August. Also, we plan to provide relevant trend information at that time.

Beginning with FY09 statistics, the UM Electronic Resource Initiative will be merged with the other electronic resources. This fund will no longer be kept separate from the other funds.

A link to the new location is on the left sidebar.

- posted 5/8/2008