Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection and Congressional Record Permanent Predecessors


The Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection is a digitized version of the bound edition of the Congressional Record and its predecessor publications. This is the official record of the proceedings, debates, and activities of U.S. Congress. Coverage is from 1873 through 1997, with limited content from dates earlier. Later material may be available as it is indexed and published by the GPO.

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a) The right to sue the Service to identify and display Materials to oneself and to other Authorized Users.b) The right to print, store, display, reproduce, transmit, and publish (either in printed or machine-readable format), an insubstantial number of documents (or portions thereof) and bibliographic records retrieved from the Service.c) The right to incorporate an insubstantial number of documents (or portions thereof) and bibliographic records retrieved from teh Service info printed documents or online resources such as articles, books, reports, and instructional materials, and temporary electronic reserves.3.4 To the extent permitted by applicable copyright law and not further limited or prohibited herein, Authorized Users, may make copies of Materials retrieved from the Service and distribute the Materials and copies. Except as specifically provided in teh above license, Authorized Users are prohibited from downloading, storing, reproducing, transmitting, displaying, copying, distributing, or using materials retrieved from the Services.
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